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Our Braising/Stir Fry/Energy Greens are savory leafy greens that are a mix of Kale varieties, Chards, Baby Bok Choi leaves, Mustards and Asian Greens that can be eaten raw, preferably with a rich assertive dressing. They can also be tossed in a hot pan until wilted for a quick side or a main dish of tangled greens. You can use olive oil or a strip or two of bacon rendered of its fat for flavoring. For an Asian influence, you might add countless flavors such as scallions, freshly sliced chilies, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, water chestnuts, a touch of rice wine vinegar for acidity, or oyster sauce for a bit of sweetness, and serve over rice. In another direction, you can chop the leaves, sauté briefly, and use in scrambled eggs or an omelet. They’re also perfect added to soups or stews in the last few minutes of cooking or reheating. They’re an excellent source of Vitamins A & C, protein, and dietary fiber