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Blanching Caps for Frisee, Endive, & Escarole!

Blanching Caps for Frisee, Endive, & Escarole!

Blanching Caps for sale to specialty growers of chicories

Satur Farms has long manufactured blanching caps for our own use, but now have quantities available for specialty growers. We found the East Coast too humid to use row covers or to set the plants close together for self-blanching, so we looked to Europe and created a propriety cap with light excluding properties. Our caps, or 'cloches', are durable for repeated use. Capping the plants 5 days prior to scheduled harvest will yield heads with creamy white hearts. We ship in bin quantities, 500 per bin.

Home Growers can buy smaller quantities at Johnny's Seed Company.

Eat fresh produce to strengthen your immune system

Eat fresh produce to strengthen your immune system

Global Coronovirus (COVID-1() Pandemic Industry Information and Resources

Purdue University’s Department of Food Science has a message for consumers: Don’t let a fear of the coronavirus COVID-19 to keep you from eating fresh fruits and vegetables. According to the FDA, there is no evidence that fresh produce (or any other food, or other product/material) can transmit the coronavirus/COVID-19. Various fresh produce groups, companies and organizations have shared their own coronavirus food safety practices and guidance. Please follow our link below to their websites.

Satur Farms Organic Honey Balsamic Dressing

Satur Farms Organic Dressings

Named Most Innovative Product of 2019 by Produce Business Magazine!

We aim to disrupt the refrigerated dressing section in markets with our dressings, producing a premium product particularly appealing to the health-conscious consumer and one presented in innovative 1 oz. single-serve packaging. Therefore, in addition to being superbly delicious, our dressings are Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and made exclusively with ‘clean’ ingredients by us. Ask for us at your favorite retail market.