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Edible buds that look like tiny cabbages, Brussels Sprouts are in the cabbage family, have a similar flavor profile, and are nutritionally rich. They’re a cool weather leafy vegetable; we won’t start harvesting them until a light frost has hit them, otherwise they have a rubbery texture and lack sweetness. We can continue harvesting them on Long Island into March as long as there isn’t a protracted length of temperatures in the 20F range. 
To prepare, we put a chopped onion and olive oil into a covered sauté pan and watch until the onions caramelize. Remove onion and sauté julienned bacon until it becomes translucent, add a bit of white wine until the alcohol evaporates, then return the onions and add halved Brussels Sprouts along with a small amount of chicken broth and cook until tender. We make a meal of this.