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Satur Farms Premium Organic Salad Dressings in Single Serve packets

Premium dressings in single serve packets are new territory

We aim to disrupt the refrigerated dressing section in markets with our dressings, producing a product particularly appealing to the health-conscious consumer and one presented in innovative packaging. Therefore, in addition to being superbly delicious, our dressings are Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and made exclusively with ‘clean’ ingredients by us. The packaging will set us apart at first glance. We portion our dressings into 1 oz, single serve pouches, and pack 6 of the pouches in a master bag. These 1 oz portioned pouches mean no food waste, no messy expired dressing bottles; they are convenient, travel easily to work or play, and are light for shipping. Ultra-premium dressings in single-serving pouch packaging is new territory.

To emphasize that we are indeed a farm, photos of our salad greens front our dressing packages. The back of the bag explains who we are and highlights the clean ingredients, all to assure the consumer total transparency. Our dressings will help contribute to the sustainability of our farm by creating a steady revenue stream year-round.